Comedians Aim To Get "A Full Belly Laugh" From Dementia, Alzheimer’s Patients

The Washington Post (9/17, Free, 14.2M) highlights Laughter On Call, a service that pairs comedians with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. The organization was founded by author and former stand-up comedian Dani Klein Modisett, who hired a comedian to visit her mother at an Alzheimer’s care center for eight hours a week after her mother became "sad and withdrawn." Modisett said that after the first visit her mother "became more engaged and started eating and laughing again." Modisett said of her organization, "Comedians can use the work, and people with memory loss can use the laughter." Stand-up comedian Michael Piper-Younie, who visits Modisett’s mother twice a week, said they have "developed a special bond that is beneficial for both of us," adding, "When I get her to a full belly laugh, it really makes my heart sing."

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